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We understand your time is precious. We have taken the guess work out of the equation! In addition to our reviews and ratings, each television for sale has consumer reviews and star ratings, so now you can see how other people rated the model your interested in purchasing!

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55" LG          LED          LG 55LHX          LHX        $4800

A Super thin powerhouse that will leave leave you wanting nothing! Excellent connectivity, Excellent picture, High price, and luxury viewing at it's best! If your going to spend this much money on a HDTV than this one is a good choice! Our experts agree, you will be wowed!

55" LG          LED          LG 55LH90        LH90      $2699

All-in-all this LED offers great picture quality, It does lack some multimedia features but it does not sport a $4000 price tag as some of its main competition. If your wanting a high-end LED that won't totally break your pocket book, this is it! We give it two thumbs up!

55" LG          LCD          LG 55SL80        SL80      $2854

All-in-all we highly recommend this model. A step below it's big brother the SL90 LED series. It still offers a great dejudder process, good connectivity, great sound output, and good connectivity. Not to mention it's tuned up to perform. Picture quality is good and you can get this all for a great price.

47" LG          LCD          LG 47LH85        LH85      $2079

If your ready to go wireless this set will not let you down. Medium to high end qualities ensures great image quality, good dejudder process eliminating most motion blur, and a great dynamic contrast ratio ensures deep rich blacks and brilliant vivid color! All-in-all we give this innovative HD-Machine two thumbs up!

47" LG          LCD          LG 47LH50        LH50      $1499

If your wanting Excellent connectivity then this set has it, Streaming Netflix, Yahoo widgets and Broadband connectivity. Overall picture is good giving vivid rich color, black levels could use improving. Broadband and connectivity features put this series on our favorites list! We also liked the 20º swivel stand.

47" LG          LCD          LG 47LF11         LF11      $1099

This price affordable set offers entry level to medium range features. If your looking for an HDTV for everyday viewing this set will do fine. It lacks the high-end features as it's bigger brothers but it still is a 1080p native resolution! If your watching real fast images you might experience a little dejudder and motion blur. For the price range this set is a good value!

42" LG          LED          LG 42SL90         SL90      $1899

All-in-all this LED backlit beauty leaves little to be desired! It's stylish, it processes images at a good rate to eliminate most judder and it offers unmatched picture quality. It also delivers deep rich blacks, and produced brilliant vivid color! We give this SL90 series two thumbs up!

42" LG          LCD          LG 42LH40        LH40      $1149

The LH40 Series offers good picture quality, medium-end specs and good connectivity all while conserving energy. It 's features are not as abundant as on the high-end models but they do make this model price affordable. Bottom line, for the price you get a good set with a good dejudder process and good picture quality. It won't blow off your socks but it will satisfy most High Def needs!

37" LG          LCD          LG 37LH55        LH55      $1149

This model makes a great set for a small living room, bedroom, or kitchen! It's medium to high-end features and specs put this 37" over the average and one of the top HDTV's for it's size! Also this little guy shows accurate vivid color, we give it two thumbs up!

37" LG          LCD          LG 37LH30        LH30      $709

Overall this set  gets good marks, even though it's an entry level set it offers good picture, good connectivity and the features it  does have are good ones. Plus it's a 1080p so your getting Full High definition viewing! While watching super fast action scenes you might experience some judder. We like the invisible sound, it makes for a thinner frame, and sounds great!

26" LG          LCD          LG 26LU55        LU55      $584

All-in-all this 26" LU55 Series offers good features and a stylish Contemporary design. It offers good features and great connectivity offering 3 HDMI connections.

It's 1080p so you will enjoy high definition at it's max. If your wanting a small HDTV that packs a punch then this is it! Bedroom, small living or kitchen is an ideal place for this TV, Plus the swivel stand offers additional viewing options.                            1080P, 30,000:1 CONTRAST RATIO

22" LG          LCD         LG 22LH20         LH20      $357

The LH20 Series  makes a great addition to any small living room, kitchen, or bedroom. It has a good response time, and 720p is standard for a 22"  HDTV. It's packed with good features and the picture wizard is a great optimization tool. The Sound features are advanced for a 22" TV. Even though this model lacks a 120Hz refresh rate we give it two thumbs up for an overall good performance.                                  720p, 60Hz, 8,000:1 DCR, 5ms RESPONSE TIME

19"    LG       LCD          LG 19LF10         LF10      $299

This 19" LF10 Offers a great little HD solution for your Kitchen, Bedroom or game room. The swivel stand is a great plus. The overall picture quality is good for it's  size. Even though it lacks a picture wizard it produces good picture levels out of the box! It produces clear crisp images, this results from the 720p HD native resolution. All-in-all this little guy will perform, we give it two thumbs up!                                                  720p, 6,000:1 DCR, 5ms Response Time

LG has grown into one of the largest HDTV Manufactures of today, they currently produce over 44 different models of LCD HDTV's. They produce a wide variety of series for diverse viewing needs. Their current high-end LCD is the 55LHX Powered by a LED backlight, also included in their high-end models are the LH90 series, SL90 Series and the SL80 Series which are LED backlit powered TV's. LG's LCD's Range from high-end to entry level series, we listed them in order starting at the  LH90 Series, LH85 Series, LH55 Series, LH50 Series, LH40 Series, LH30 Series and LH20 Series. Bottom line, LG makes quality HDTV's, see our detailed reviews below. Also see our LG LCD Review Matrix for a side by side comparison.


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